About Extreme Auto Parts Sacramento

Insurance quality used auto parts coupled with exceptional service, let Extreme Auto Parts earn your business.
Extreme Auto Parts was established in 1997 by Petr an immigrant to United States. A do it your self hard working man with a family of seven, knowing that without sweat and dedication nothing would be achieved. Starting off as a small mechanic and body shop the business slowly grew. With time, surplus inventory of vehicle parts would accumulate, that made way for used auto parts sales. Beginning with serving the greater Sacramento area with quality used auto parts in 2004 Extreme Auto Parts went online, which made inventory available to any country in the world. Today Extreme Auto Parts is known for its extensive line of late model import used auto parts, serving the online community and the local insurance repair shops.

Extreme Auto Parts
3391 Fitzgerald Rd Ste. F
Rancho Cordova, 95742